Teen Losing It When She Gets Into Her Dream College Will Make You So Nostalgic

by Alexandra Svokos

Raychel Pesci got into Providence College on Monday and had, probably, the world's greatest reaction to a college acceptance letter.

She did not simply smile broadly or hug her parents or shout a solemn "YAY!"

No, no, Raychel's much better than that.

As soon as she opened the mailbox and saw the big envelope, she knew what was about to go down.

It was her acceptance letter from Providence College.

And she fucking lost it.

Luckily, her mother and sister, Meredith Einck, were there and got the whole reaction on video. Check it out in all its glory:

Raychel lets out a cackling screech as soon as she opens the mailbox and then starts sprinting toward the person filming the video — presumably her sister and mother.

She starts laugh-crying and then falls to her knees. Someone shouts at her,

See if it says "yes!"

At this point, she finally starts actually opening the envelope. Through happy sob-laughs, she shouts,

It says congratulations!!!!!

Her sister wrote in the caption that Providence is Raychel's "dream school" and that the video shows "what true happiness looks like." I agree completely. You can't help but smile watching the video.

Her sister wrote,

Best Christmas present she could have asked for!

Providence College responded in a comment, saying,

Congratulations, Raychel! Welcome to the Friar Family!

December means it's a peak time for college acceptances.

People all around the country are getting the good news.

This reminds me of when I found out I got into college.

My reaction was basically the exact same as Raychel's, but the complete opposite. I opened the link (a link!) before my mother got home, just in case it went wrong or whatever.

My college's fight song started blaring out of my sister's desktop computer, and I beamed very quietly. My mom got home a few minutes later and laughingly chided me for not waiting for her.

Then my mom and I got manicures and ripped up all of the remaining application materials that I didn't need anymore.

Alexandra Svokos

So, you know, same.

It is a truly ecstatic moment for Raychel and many other young people around the world.

And it's so, so nice to see someone this hyped up about getting the education she wants.

Education is awesome! The college application process sucks! Raychel, you did it!

For everyone out there who might not be getting good college news this month, just know that it's still early on in the process. Something will work out soon enough.

You're all champions in Elite Daily's eyes.