Teen Kills Himself After Mom Sends Text Asking For Rent


A teen was found dead after his mom sent him a text message asking him to pay rent for his bedroom.

The 18-year-old, Elliot Stapleton-Giddins, was discovered unresponsive in his bedroom by his mother, Tracy, who told an inquest she had recently asked him to pay for half of his phone bill.


According to a coroner in Milton Keynes, the boy allegedly received a text message from his mom prior to his death that read,

The teen had been in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, Lily Avirl, and worked as a chef at the time of his death.

Detectives from Thames Valley Police claim the text message from Stapleton-Giddins' mother had a profound impact on him.


According to the detectives,

Stapleton-Giddins had about $3,150 in his bank account at the time of his death, which he had plans to use for travel.

Ms. Stapleton-Giddins told the inquest,


She also spoke about finding her son's body, saying,

While Stapleton-Giddins had no record of mental health issues, he had allegedly complained about feeling low.

The teen's step-father revealed Stapleton-Giddins had previously dealt with bullying at his school, saying,

The case was recorded as an open verdict.


Coroner Elizabeth Gray stated,

There are still many questions that remain about the tragic death of this teen.

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