Woman Eats Only Emoji Foods For A Week And Basically Has A Diet Of Sweets And Alcohol

Currently, 59 foods have been immortalized as emoji, and one woman found out what it's like to eat only, and all of, these dishes for seven days.

The Atlantic's Kelsey Rexroat first had to consult the Emojipedia before beginning her experiment so she could identify each symbol by its official name.

She soon realized that she'd probably gain a few pounds because there are no sandwich, soup or salad emoji, not to mention there is an abundance of sweets like cookies and cake.

The most challenging exclusion is of a dairy selection many of us have almost every day.

On her first day, she wrote:

I have a moment of dismay when I realize there is no cheese emoji, and I must pass up the aged Gruyere I had bought a few days earlier.

But there's plenty of seafood, fruit and alcohol, ranging from red wine to sake to beer.

She said on day five:

It’s over halfway through the week and I’ve had a different kind of alcohol every night — clearly the emoji diet is not for teetotalers.

Rexroat was also excited to scour Japanese restaurants all over New York to find times like oden, a typically unknown broth filled with eggs and fish cakes and dingo, a dumpling dish.

Discovering how delicious and surprisingly cheap some of these dishes were was probably the best part of the diet, aside from the aforementioned assault of sugary treats.

This was probably the only time she would ever eat custard, shortcake and ice cream all in one night.

Rexroat noted on the last day,

This diet is essentially the opposite of Atkins. Of the 59 food emoji, eight incorporate rice, and 11 are desserts.

Even though the food items weren't too pricey themselves, her wallet was still hit the hardest because she was forced to ignore most of the food in her home.

The experiment ended with a celebratory martini and birthday cake.

The emoji library is bound to increase in the near future as we all wish we could send our friends exactly what we want for lunch upon an invitation.

There is currently a petition on for a hot dog emoji and a Facebook page requesting a taco emoji.

There's even an entire Twitter account demanding an avocado emoji, followed by thousands more.

via The Atlantic, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr