Trevolta: This Service Will Let You Travel Around The World Via Crowd-Funding

by Keay Nigel

Want to travel all around world but haven't set aside enough money yet?  Well, I have great news for you.

Trevolta is a new start-up that aims to help you attract and gain sponsorship for your dream travels. This novel concept is based on the ingenious idea of “crowd-funded travels.” All you need to do is to plan an extraordinary trip to the places that you’ve always wanted to go, and Trevolta will provide the platform for you to get the needed funding from people from all around the world who are inspired by your proposed travel idea.

Now you must be wondering, “Why would strangers sponsor me for my trip?” Well, here’s the catch: Through Trevolta, your trip will be shared and followed by hundreds and thousands of people online. In essence, you are sort of becoming a reality star with your own online travel program!

As a partner of Trevolta, you will be required to keep a real-time blog to share with the Trevolta community to track the progress of your trip. You can either do the trip solo or you can go as a group. There is no restriction on the travel group size. Having said so, given the requirement of providing your fans constant updates of your whereabouts, it might be good to have at least two other travelers with you so that the task of connecting with your followers and sponsors can be alternated between one another. (You can think of yourselves as a traveling rock band or a world-touring boy/girl group.)

“What's more interesting?” you ask. You can even make your trip around the world an interactive one, where your followers and sponsors decide for you where your next destination is going to be, where you should sleep, and what you should do at each location.

To earn additional funding during your traveling, you can even take on challenges (Fear Factor style food challenge anyone?) or specific quirky tasks, e.g. doing a one-minute dance to Britney’sWork Bitch” while you’re halfway through climbing the Great Wall of China, as suggested by your sponsoring fans. How fun is that? Of course, it’s up to you to accept or decline the different propositions from the Trevolta community. This, my friends, could be the Amazing Race of your life!

You can also help your Trevolta followers build a deeper connection to the places that you travel to by sending them postcards, letters, or even trinkets as souvenirs. And why not help some of your most faithful fans do some shopping along the way? These are just a few of the many innovative ways for you to get more financial backing for your traveling. Yes, you’re welcome.

The trick is to be open, be bold, and be creative.

So plan a great trip, get it funded by strangers, friends and big sponsors, and you'll soon be on your way to one helluva travel adventure of your lifetime.

Trevolta is still in its initial stage of publicity but the size of its community is growing by the thousands each day. So hop over to its sign up page now to grab hold of this amazing opportunity.

Or visit its Facebook page for more details.

Disclaimer: The author is not paid by Trevolta for this advertorial.

Top photo credit: Getty Images