The Original Apple Watch Actually Came Out In 1995 And It Was Fugly (Photos)

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the brand new Apple watch today, with high hopes of establishing the tech wear as one of the most innovative and ground-breaking devices the company has ever made.

Well, Cook, I'm about to crush all of your hopes. Sorry not sorry.

That's because the Apple Watch is not ACTUALLY the first watch Apple ever created.

I know, Bey. Calm down. Get yourself together.

Apparently, the tech company released a watch in 1995 to accompany the purchase of the brand-new Macintosh System 7.5. Apple wanted to ensure people were going to buy the new system, so it decided to throw a little extra-awesome into the mix.

One man decided to buy as many of these bad boys as he could find, and is now the sole operator of the Apple Original Watch e-store.

The old school version of Apple's first ever watch can be purchased on the site from $799 to $2,999 a pop, depending on the watch's condition.

I don't know about you, but being retro is in right now, and I don't really need any more notifications popping up in my life.

If I ever have a couple thousand dollars to drop, I'm going to splurge on the first, ORIGINAL watch Apple made. Not the phony knockoff they're promoting now. Psh.

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