By Texting This Number, You Can Get Anything (Legal) Delivered To You

by Emily Arata

Lazy people of the Internet, your time has come.

A new service called Magic promises to deliver any legal item regardless of location (inside the US), price or buyer. It even accepts the digital currency bitcoin, if you're so inclined.

Users begin by texting the company's main number, sending the word "Magic." An operator responds, asking what you need.

Name any product or service, and the Magic employee will seek it out from a third party and have it delivered to your door.

Although Magic announces the price up front, it's not clear what portion of the total is a fee or tip.

In sample orders shown on Magic's website, the price seems a bit hefty for what's being delivered: $95.12 for a dozen roses and delivery from a local shop, for example.

But, if you're hungry or lazy enough, Magic is just a text message away. After a one-time entry of your address and credit card information, its delivery service is hassle-free.

Drunk on a Friday night? Magic is your new best friend.

Text "Magic" to the following phone number to proceed.

Magic's website boasts delivery of everything from floral arrangements to pizza.

One Redditor estimates Magic's fee is up to 10 percent of the order's total price.

Although it can't take you to Mars, unfortunately.

Citations: Text (408) 217-1721 to get anything (legal) delivered on demand, pay 100% in Bitcoin (Reddit)