Former Teacher Mary Beth Haglin Says She Was Seduced By Student Using Elevated Vocabulary

She was 23, he was 17, and they had sex practically every single day.

But in an interview with Dr. Phil on Monday, former teacher Mary Beth Haglin told the world she was the true victim.

She blamed the relationship on the student because he seduced her with his sophisticated words.

Just in case you were wondering, some of the big words he used have been revealed. According to CBS News, the student wrote in one love note,

I love the way you smell like pizza, it drives me crazy wanting a piece of the crust.

Now, that might not sound so impressive, but Haglin insists the student "burned her life to the ground" with his cunning sense of seduction.

He twisted my brain into accepting this relationship. He did so with such intelligence and such an elevated vocabulary I was completely duped by the whole façade.

In a promotional video for her interview with Dr. Phil, she explained her position.

Haglin's story isn't exactly new, though. Back in September, she made news for revealing the student she had a sexual relationship with had swayed her with Post-it notes.

At the time, she said,

When he came into my classroom he would grab a Post-it, sit down, scribble a little note and stick it on my desk on his way out. He would always call me his 'empress.' I was completely head over heels.

Her recent interview with Dr. Phil, however, did add new insight into the narrative. Not only was the very impressive pizza love note revealed, but we also received a new update on Haglin's life.


Since Haglin obviously can't work as a teacher anymore, she's found herself in another field of work. She told the cameras,

Because I was having sex with a student, I was fired from my job. I now have to work as a stripper. The name I go by is Bambi.


Well, good luck?

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