Teacher Forced Students To Play Strip Basketball And Had Sleepovers With Them

by Tim McGovern
STF/Saskatchewan Bulletin

A former teacher of Churchill Community High School is in hot water after one of her old students claims she allegedly forced students to participate in a game of strip basketball called "Strip 21."

Martina Cain, an ex-basketball coach, has been accused of allegedly making her students take off an article of clothing each time they missed a shot during practices from 1986-1989.

And the accusations get even worse.

Martina allegedly had sleepovers in which she shared a bed with the former student accusing her.

Speaking of getting into hot water, the La Ronge, Saskatchewan teacher has denied the claim she allegedly asked the student who came forward to take off their bathing suit in a hot tub, but has admitted she did have sleepovers because she didn't have a couch.

Here's a thought. I don't know, maybe crash on the couch of an adult?

In addition, Marina also admitted at her professional misconduct hearing to having kids play "Strip 21," but insisted the articles of clothing only included socks and shoes.

The lawyer for the Professional Conduct Committee, Roger Lepage, said,

When a parent entrusts a student to a teacher, you would expect that teacher to respect those professional boundaries. I think the clear message the professional conduct committee wants to put out is that it's totally inappropriate for a teacher to have a student sleeping in the same bed.

On the subject of Cain sleeping in the same bed as her students, Marina's lawyer said,

Certainly that would be misconduct, considered misconduct now, but given it happened 30 years ago, it happened in a small community, nothing untoward happened, my view is that it's a different standard applied.

A former assistant of Martina's has since denied any knowledge of the sleepovers, the hot tub sessions and "Strip 21."

While the hearing has finished, Martina is now standing by for their decision, which could lead to the revocation of her teaching certificate.

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