Taco Bell shared a TikTok with hacks for adding its sweet tropical whip to freezes.

These Tasty Taco Bell Hacks Will Turn Any Freeze Into A Tropical Sip

It's like a vacation in a cup.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s new Mountain Dew Baja Blast Colada Freeze, which basically tastes like a virgin piña colada and the chain’s signature Baja Blast all in one, has been keeping summer heat waves at bay since it was released in May 2021. To help you to live más during the hottest time of the year, the chain let T-Bell stans in on a little-known secret. To up your drink game, check out these three Taco Bell Freeze TikTok hacks using tropical wip. It turns out that you can add the new tropical whip to any Taco Bell Freeze drink — and the company has some delicious recipes you can order during your next T-Bell run to help get you started.

On Monday, June 28, Taco Bell shared a TikTok giving fans some all-new ideas for enjoying its new sweet tropical whip, which basically turns the chain’s classic Baja Blast into something you’d sip during a warm-weather getaway. The tropical whip, which basically tastes like an alcohol-free piña colada, promises to make any sip taste like it belongs on the beach — and it costs just 50 cents to add to your Freeze of choice.

In the TikTok, Taco Bell recommends pairing the tart flavors of its Blue Raspberry Freeze with one pump of tropical whip creamer or crafting your own version of a virgin Miami Vice cocktail by adding the pineapple flavored whip creamer to Taco Bell’s Wild Strawberry Freeze.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

Meanwhile, if you want a ‘Gram-worthy sip that tastes just as good as it looks for the Fourth of July, try the Red, White, and Blue Freeze. For this hack, you’ll ask your Taco Bell server to mix half of a Wild Strawberry Freeze with one half of a Blue Raspberry Freeze, and then blend the Freezes with one pump of the tropical whip creamer for a very patriotic sip.

A Freeze with added whip normally costs $2.59, but you can score it for just $1 from 2 p.m. through 5 p.m. daily at participating Taco Bell locations.

Keep in mind that Taco Bell will be crafting these Freeze recipes for a limited time while supplies last, so you won’t want to sleep on ordering one of these hacks while they’re still available. As always when visiting your closest Taco Bell, keep in mind the CDC guidelines for the most updated rules on social distancing and mask-wearing.