Sweethearts Candies' Valentine's Day 2022 theme and phrase are so encouraging.

Sweethearts Is Adding Encouraging New Phrases To Its Candies This Valentine's Day

You might get a heart that says "WAY 2 GO" or "CRUSH IT."

by Daffany Chan
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means now is the time to stock up on all your favorite sweets. Thankfully, the most iconic Valentine’s Day candy, Sweethearts, upped their game on Jan. 20 with so many new sayings that’ll spice up your usual mix this holiday. Sweethearts Candies’ Valentine’s Day 2022 theme and phrases are all about encouragement for an inspiring boost this season.

Sweethearts Candies unveiled its Valentine’s Day 2022 theme and phrases in a Jan. 20 Facebook video that’ll seriously get you pumped for Feb. 14. After all, the video reveals the 16 new sayings on the candies you know and love, and they’re all meant to give you and your BFFs major inspo as you take on the new year. The encouraging new phrases you’ll find emblazoned on the heart-shaped candies in 2022 include: “Proud of U,” “Youda Best,” “Fear Less,” “Super Star,” “Big Fan,” “Don’t Quit,” “Be You,” “Crush It,” “Go 4 It,” “Way 2 Go,” “High Five,” and “Chin Up.”

Though there may be plenty of new phrases for 2022, classic sayings like “Be Mine,” “Hug Me,” and “Cutie Pie” will also make a comeback, so you can still find those classics in the mix. The candy hearts will also come in Sweethearts’ OG colors and flavors, which include Wintergreen, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Blueberry, Banana, Grape, and Cherry.

You can purchase Sweethearts Candies’ Valentine’s Day 2022 box at nationwide retailers — both in-store and online — through the Valentine’s Day season. The candy hearts come in different sizes, including single boxes, five-count packs, and assorted bag sizes.

To celebrate the 2022 launch, the brand is giving away 500 free boxes of Sweethearts that’ll arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day. Simply head to to nominate someone to snag the complimentary candies — it could be anyone from a teacher that has given you plenty of support or just a friend that could use a sweet boost this season.

Before you head to the store to pick up Sweethearts Candies’ Valentine’s Day 2022 for some major encouragement this holiday, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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