19-Year-Old Model Who Was Called 'Too Big' Responds With Honest Video

On the heels of Cara Delevingne's announcement she would be leaving the modeling industry due to its unrealistic beauty standards and hyper-sexualization of young women, Swedish model Agnes Hedengård posted a YouTube video titled “Too Big For The Industry,” displaying the kind of body agencies consider outrageously ample.

The 19-year-old model, who claims she has a BMI of 17.5, shares the reason she is no longer booking any jobs.

Hedengård says,

I have been in contact with big agencies and clients that really want to work with me but as soon as they get a hold of my measurements, it's a whole other story. They are like, 'No, she’s too big. She needs to get in better shape. We will not work with her. Woah, she’s, woah no, she’s... way too big.'

The rail-thin beauty calls the standards “absurd” and frankly, I have to agree.

Of all the times I’ve been jealous of glamorous models, this is not one of them.