Suspect In Custody After New Orleans Shooting That Left Student Injured

The New Orleans man who shot a medical student after assaulting a woman has been arrested.

According to ABC News, 25-year-old Tulane University student Peter Gold pulled his car over at around 4 am last Friday when he saw Euric Cain, 21, dragging a woman down a street.

Gold stepped in to prevent the apparent mugging, but Cain produced a gun and threatened to shoot him if he didn't give him money.

The fourth-year student was shot once in the stomach after insisting he had no money with him.

Cain then attempted to shoot Gold in the head, but his gun malfunctioned twice, so he took the woman's purse and left.

New Orleans police spokesman Tyler Gamble told NBC News Cain was arrested earlier today and has been charged with first-degree murder, second-degree kidnapping and armed robbery.

Cain, who is currently in police custody, has previously been arrested for stealing a cell phone, a car, and illegal possession of weapons.

Gold was hospitalized in critical condition, but his family said in a statement his health is gradually improving.

A classmate and friend of Gold's named Ryan O'Halloran told ABC News Gold is a popular student "who generally always has your back."

O'Halloran added,

Doesn't surprise me that he would have pulled over his car and attempted to save somebody.

Tulane President Mike Fitts called Gold an "outstanding student" and said he will eventually make a full recovery.

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