Students Admit To Mixing Semen Into Food For Their Teacher To Eat

Three students are being questioned by police after semen was mixed into food for their teacher to eat.

All three students have admitted to planning the prank at Westside High School in Nebraska, according to KETV 7.

Two students reportedly left for the bathroom during class time, with a short period of time between each. The third, however, decided he could not go ahead with the prank.

They allegedly poured their "bodily fluids" into frosting, as the class prepared to share their food with the teacher as part of a project. The incident took place last Thursday at around 3:30 pm.

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Omaha Police Department told the news website,

All three admitted to having planned to bring semen into the classroom, to mix it into the food product, and present it to their teacher for tasting.

The students could face charges of misdemeanor assault.

A spokesperson for Westside School District said it is supporting the staff member involved. A statement read,

An incident took place Thursday at Westside High School involving three students and a staff member. We are not commenting on specifics involved in this case, other than to say we offer our complete support to the staff member involved, and we are working with Omaha Police to determine what/if any criminal citations are issued.
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The spokesperson said the school would not go into detail about what happened, and that the incident was isolated. The statement continued,

These students will face consequences, but per district policy, we cannot release specifics regarding the course of punishment. This incident is not indicative of Westside High School or any of our schools, environments that promote respect for all of our staff members and students.

It is not known if the teacher ingested the semen. Nor is it clear how the alarm was raised.

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