Woman Kicked Out Of Sorority After Wearing Her Letters In A Tinder Pic

by Sean Levinson

A college student said she was kicked out of her sorority because she displayed the organization's letters in her Tinder photo.

According to Daily Mail, 20-year-old Shannon Workman is a student at the University of Nebraska Omaha where she had been a member of Chi Omega for three years.

In August, Workman posted a photo to her Tinder profile showing her along with two other girls from the sorority wearing shirts that said “Sweet Home Chi Omega.”

Workman was called to meet with the sorority's executive board about the photo earlier this month, even though the picture had already been removed from the Tinder profile, New York Daily News reports.

The executive board told Workman the photo violated Chi Omega's Human Dignity rule, which reportedly prohibits members from posting photos showing the sorority's letters on platforms that might bring the organization disrespect.

Shannon's mother, Jill Workman, told New York Daily News,

There's no way she could read that rule and see it apply to Tinder. It's not different from Facebook or any other site.

The board apparently deemed the picture “provocative” and “risqué,” but Shannon told the board members she did not understand why she was being reprimanded.

Shannon continued to challenge her superiors' judgment before being kicked out of the sorority at the end of the meeting.

Jill Workman claimed the sorority's president and many highly-ranked members were kicked out in March and replaced with an extremely strict management team. Several other members were also reportedly disciplined for showing Chi Omega's letters in Tinder profiles.

The two girls in the photo with Workman reportedly left the sorority, though it's not clear when.

On April 4, apparent former Chi Omega member Lacey McPhail posted on Facebook, saying,

Since I have been removed I know of at least 10 other girls who have been removed for dating profiles, liking tweets/statuses, going to a party, and similar, very common college activities.

The chapter refuses to forgive members for “nominal mistakes” and therefore “Chi Omega should be avoided at all cost," McPhail wrote.

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