Steve Jobs May Have Hated The Idea Of A Stylus, But Apple Just Made One

by Eitan Levine

Steve Jobs might be pretty pissed if he knew Apple was getting back into the stylus game.

Today's Apple special event unveiled the iPhone 6S, a more modern Apple TV system and the iPad Pro.

BREAKING: Apple announces Apple Pencil, a smart stylus to use with the iPad Pro » — CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) September 9, 2015

They can't all be winners, though, since Apple also wants you to consider adding the Apple Pencil, a stylus meant to add dynamic value to how one uses certain Apple devices, to your collection of Apple-branded things.

The funny thing is, in 2007, Steve Jobs openly mocked the idea of a stylus at an event just like this one.

The Internet is just as confused as you are as to why Apple would consider bringing back computer pencils in 2015.

So basically the apple pencil is giant middle finger to Steve jobs ? — Catrell (@Jugg_QUE_naut) September 9, 2015
Apple Pencil!!!! ZOMG, I've never used a pencil before. #Fanboys. haha — Joel M (@jamar78) September 9, 2015
Apple really made an apple pencil — sucram backwards (@its_marcu) September 9, 2015
Rip Steve. #Apple #ApplePencil — Bree torres (@breeetorres) September 9, 2015

Stop trying to make the stylus happen, Apple.

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