16 Things We Know About Apple's Brand New iPhone 6S And iPhone 6S Plus

by Eitan Levine

Apple unveiled its latest iPhone today at an Apple special event, once again making your old iPhone an unacceptable piece of pocket garbage.

Newer wearables, advanced iPads and Apple TV's newest operating system took a back seat to Apple's latest iteration of the iPhone at the event.

Hello, iPhone 6S, you beautiful minx.

Entirely new aluminum, custom Apple alloy. Silver, gold, space gray, rose gold. — All iPhone (@iPhoneTeam) September 9, 2015

Before introducing the phone, Tim Cook made sure to let event attendees know iPhone sales grew at a rate 3.5 times faster than the rest of the phone industry over the past year, making the iPhone 6 the most popular iPhone ever.

But if any phone has a chance at beating that record, it's the iPhone 6S.

Here's everything we know about the newest iPhone:

1. The iPhone 6S comes in four metal finishes, including Apple's newest finish, "Rose Gold."

2. The iPhone 6S has two sizes: the standard size, which features a 4.7-inch retina display, and the Plus model, which boasts a 5.5-inch screen. Both sizes come with newer and tougher screen glass.

3. While Apple's older multi-touch system recognizes taps, pinches and swipes, Apple's new 3D multi-touch system adds the ability to interact with the phone based on how hard and deliberate you're pressing. This completely changes the way you can surf through your phone, use apps and play games.

4. The phone runs off an A9 chip, which Apple says is 70 percent faster in CPU tasks than the older A8 chip.

5. An M9 coprocessor has been added to the phone to keep track of daily activities.

6. A second generation touch ID sensor has been installed, and it's two times faster than the first generation touch sensor.

7. The iPhone 6S also features a newer 12 MP iSight camera with 50 percent more pixels than earlier models.

8. The phone now has the ability to take 4K video, which is the first time the service has been offered on an iPhone.

9. There is also a newer 5 MP front-facing camera with a flash that customizes its color to match the lighting of the room.

10. With 3D multi-touch and an advanced camera system, you can also take "Live Photos," which capture an extra 1.5 seconds of video automatically when you take a picture. This adds a dynamic level to viewing and scrolling through photos on your phone. This system may even find its way on Facebook in the near future.

11. The iPhone's newest WiFi and LTE systems are twice as fast as the old ones.

12. Shots fired! There is now an app you can download on your Android phone that makes it easier to transfer all of your information from your Droid to an Apple phone.

13. The standard iPhone 6S model costs $199 while the Plus version will run you $299.

14. You can preorder the iPhone 6S starting Saturday, September 12.

15. The phone will be released September 25.

16. iOS 9 also becomes available on all devices starting September 16.