Stranger Accidentally Stole Woman's Car, Wrote Adorable Note


If someone stole my car, I would be LIVID.

There isn't much that would allow me to forgive my vehicle thief... except maybe a handwritten note.

A woman from Portland, Oregon, named Erin Hatzi thought her car had gotten stolen on Tuesday. But then, she received an apologetic letter from her "thief" that claimed it was unintentional.

Apparently, the woman who drove away with Hatzi's car was sent to retrieve her friend's red Subaru. Little did she know, the car she took was definitely not the vehicle she was sent for.


When her friend woke up the next morning, she realized the car parked outside wasn't hers.


To make up for the bizarre mistake, the "thief" wrote a note confessing what actually happened. Hatzi posted a photo of the letter to Facebook on Wednesday. It's actually oddly adorable.

The note reads,


It's safe to say this woman is the sweetest car thief EVER. She even left gas money to make up for her friend's mistake.

Although the letter is adorable, Hatzi was utterly convinced her car was intentionally taken before she received the apology.

On Tuesday night, she posted photos from a surveillance camera showing the woman getting into her vehicle. She asked her friends to keep an eye out.

I know you're probably wondering, "How was she able to drive away without the car keys in the first place?"

I asked myself the same thing.

According to Hatzi's Facebook post, police confirmed old Subaru keys are sometimes interchangeable, which allowed this woman to start the car with ease.

That's... unsettling.

If you own an old Subaru, maybe it's time to buy a new car.

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