Here's how to play Starbucks' Starland 50th anniversary game.

Starbucks’ 50th Anniversary Game Could Win You A Trip To NYC, Chicago, Or Seattle

You can also score so many bonus Stars and free drinks!

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Starbucks

Starbucks is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a special edition of the Starland game in October — and there are plenty of prizes you can snag. Seriously, you could even win an all-inclusive vacay to a Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle, Chicago or New York. If you’re ready to try your luck at some sweet freebies, here’s how to play Starbucks’ Starland 50th anniversary game.

The new edition of Starbucks’ Starland game is all about paying tribute to the brand’s iconic 50-year history, which began on March 30, 1971, when the first Starbucks store opened in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks has been celebrating its anniversary all year long, and now you can be rewarded for it. The chain is putting a 50th anniversary spin on its popular Starland game for the occasion. It launched on Monday, Oct. 4, and there are so many awesome prizes up for grabs.

During the Starland game, you’ll get to explore Starbucks locations — like the OG Pike Place Market store in Seattle — and play games centered on coffee. There are also plenty of quizzes about Starbucks’ history to test your knowledge of the iconic coffee chain. To help you make the most of it, here’s how you can play Starbucks’ Starland 50th anniversary game and score as many prizes as you can.

How to Play

The game is exclusively available for Starbucks Rewards members, so if you’re not a loyalty member yet, you’ll want to sign up on the Starbucks Rewards website. You’ll then want to head to the Starbucks Starland game website online or via your Starbucks app. The game features both an instant win game called “Discover & Win” as well as a trivia portion called “Quiz It Up.”’


Discover & Win

You can score Instant Win prizes during the “Discover & Win” portion of the game, where you’ll explore iconic Starbucks spots, including: the OG Seattle’s Pike Place Market store, Hacienda Alsacia coffee farm and visitor center in Costa Rica, and Reserve Roastery Chicago, aka the largest Starbucks store in the world As you make your way through the locations, you’ll have the chance to win Instant Prizes as well as raffle entries for your chance at a sweepstakes prize.


If you get a Sweepstakes raffle, you’ll need to either follow the instructions to choose which prize you would most like to win or opt to “bank” the raffle to use later in order to win a different sweepstakes prize. There are prizes available throughout the promotion period as well as special weekly prizes.

Quiz It Up

The “Quiz It Up” portion is for trivia masters: It will test your knowledge about all things Starbucks. Topics you can expect include Starbucks history and questions about the iconic Starbucks spots. There are also more general questions about coffee farming and industry. You’ll get badges depending on how your quiz responses. The badges are connected to any prizes, but you can see how many you can rack up before Starland ends.

How To Earn Plays

You get one game play for registering for the game, and then you have to earn more from there.

One way to earn game plays is by making a qualifying purchase (excluding alcoholic drinks, Starbucks Card, and Starbucks Card reloads) at participating Starbucks locations using your Starbucks card or linked payment method, or by scanning your Starbucks app when ordering. Once you’ve made the purchase, visit the Starbucks Starland game website and sign into your account to get your one game play.


To get a free play, head to the Starbucks Starland website and fill out the entry form. You’ll receive a link in your email which will prompt you to sign into your Rewards account before granting you one game play.

You can earn up to two total plays per day by either making qualifying purchases or submitting free entries.


The sweepstakes prizes include free handcrafted drinks for 50 days, 50 weeks, or even 50 months. There are also all-inclusive three-night trips for you and a friend to visit Starbucks Reserve Roasteries in New York City, Chicago, or Seattle — and they including flight, hotel accommodations, $750 spending money, and guided tours.

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The Instant Win prizes include a 60-day Headspace subscription, a special Starbucks 50th anniversary Ravensburger puzzle, a $10 Uber Eats promo code, a $5 Starbucks gift card, free bonus Stars, and 50% off coupons for packaged coffee, handcrafted drinks, and breakfast food items. Basically, you can save money on so many of your coffee run faves when you score an Instant Win.

End Date

Starbucks’ Starland game officially ends on Oct. 24. That means you’ll want to start racking up those game plays ASAP for your chance to win a free vacay or coffee.

Before heading to Starbucks to rack up game plays during the Starland 50th anniversary game, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.