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The 11 best Spider-Man filters on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.
Channel Your Inner Spider-Man With These 11 Filters On IG, Snapchat, And TikTok

With great filters comes great responsibility.


The wait for Spider-Man: No Way Home finally ended with the film’s release on Dec. 17, and your favorite apps have the filters to help you celebrate. Whether you’re looking to live out your fantasies of being a part of the MCU, or just looking for a laugh, the 10 best Spider-Man filters on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are sure to light up your day. And don’t worry — there are no spoilers ahead.

Without giving anything away, Spider-Man: No Way Home is filled with classic Spider-Man moments, like shooting webs to swing from building to building across NYC (I promised no spoilers, didn’t I?). After you see the film for yourself (or if you’re just in the mood for some filter fun), you can channel your inner superhero and turn yourself into Peter Parker’s alter ego with these interactive Spider-Man filters from IG, Snap, and TikTok.

You can easily search Instagram filters from your Story Camera when you find the Spidey you want to imitate. On TikTok, find a filter by tapping “Discover” on the bottom of the screen and searching the name of filter.

Lastly, to up your Snap game with some Lenses, open the app and navigate to the camera. Tap on the screen to make the Lens carousel appear, and scroll through to find your filter. If it’s not there, tap on the magnifying glass in the top-left corner and search the name of the Lens in the search bar. Select the effect you want and you’re ready to go.

Whether you’re a total Spidey stan, or just endlessly fascinated by his dance moves, there’s a filter for you.

Spider-Man Suit AR by @spidermanmovie (IG)


The Spider-Man Suit AR filter from the official Spider-Man Instagram account will definitely get your Spidey senses tingling.

Spider-Man by @aumenta2 (IG)


Celebrate the third installment of the Spider-Man series with this Spider-Man filter on Instagram.

Hugging Spider-Man by @experientialetc (IG)


Show everyone just how big a Spider-Man fan you are with this sweet Hugging Spider-Man Instagram filter.

Spider-Man by @__tru.ar__ (IG)


Even superheroes need to let loose every once in a while. Throw your own mini party with this amazing dancing Spider-Man filter on Instagram. You’ll thank me later.

Spider-Man by @sparkartutoriais (IG)


POV: you’re about to save the city, but you need to do one last selfie-check before you leave the house. Experience NYC from Peter Parker’s eyes with this Spider-Man filter on Instagram.

Spider-Man NoWayHome by @ahdzacky (IG)


Try out the many faces of Spider-Man with the Spider-Man NoWayHome filter on Instagram by @ahdzacky.

Dancing Spiderman by @kirillzavadskiyy (IG)


Here’s one last Dancing Spiderman Instagram filter for good luck.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Portal on TikTok (TikTok)


Look at the excitement on @spideyybooty’s face as they open the portal to the multi-verse. Take the journey for yourself with the official TikTok promo filter here.

Spider-Man Dancing by SoFunnyVidz (Snapchat)


Okay, I lied. This is the last of the last dancing Spiderman Lenses, I promise.

Spider-Man: No Way Home (Snapchat)


Join the Spider-Man hype on Snapchat with this realistic promo filter. To try the Lens for yourself, scan the code here.

Spider-Man Suit AR by Sony Pictures (Snapchat)


Last but not least, enter the multi-verse with this Snapchat filter from Sony Pictures that lets you take off the mask for an upside down smooch sesh.

Trust me when I say, there are plenty more Spider-Man filters that will help you share your excitement with your followers. Try them out for yourself, or share them with your friends — the choice is up to you.