People Are Writing Beautiful Tributes With Chalk In The Streets Of Brussels

At least 34 people died in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday morning in explosions at the airport and in a subway station.

The news is still very fresh, and official reports are coming in, but ISIS claimed responsibility. The city was on lockdown, with the airport and all public transportation closed.

As has happened other times after tragic events, people are turning to art and creativity for comfort. While this often comes in the form of Instagram posts and cartoons by professional artists, people in Brussels are using a simple artistic form to spread love and togetherness in the face of these attacks: chalk.

People in Brussels flocked to the Place de la Bourse, a popular tourist destination, to write messages in chalk.

The messages range from defiance and love to calls for peace. There are notes like, "Pray for Belgium," and, "Terror has no religion."

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