Snapchat Is Finally Getting Rid Of Its Most Hated Stories Feature: Auto-Play

Are you always accidentally watching your ex's Snap Story? Well, then we have some very good news for you -- Snapchat has listened to our prayers and killed the feature that makes this awkwardness happen so much.

OK, so the really liberating thing about Snapchat is there's no way of "liking" something, really.

This takes the stress out of posting something because the only way to judge one of your Snap Stories is by personally checking out how many people viewed it -- and only you can see that number.

This is why people's Snap Stories are often way crazier, sloppier and weirder than the stuff they post on Instagram or Facebook.

The only thing you can only control is whether or not YOU personally watch someone's Story.

But because Snapchat has an auto-play feature, where Snap Stories play back to back automatically, people accidentally watch each other's Stories all the time.

And when it's your ex's Story (and you totally don't care about him at all and are totally fucking over him, seriously guys, why are you asking?!), this little feature can be annoying, to say the least.

Snapchat's new update will fix all that for you. Stories will no longer play automatically -- a feature they only just added back in March.

It's so funny to me Snapchat finally realized its users all hate this feature. Of course we all do!

Snapchat has also added what it call a "Stories Playlist," where you can select which stories you want to group together and play.

As Mashable shows, that feature looks like this:

Pretty sure that's a really dumb idea, but when I heard about Snapchat in the first place, I thought it was the dumbest thing ever -- and that's why I'll never make a billion dollars.

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