Snapchat's Halloween 2021 costumes and lenses include scary and cute options.

Dress Up Your Bitmoji And Flee From Michael Meyers With Snapchat's Halloween Offerings

It’s time to get spooky.

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With Halloween less than two weeks away, you might be looking for ways to get in the mood for the spooky holiday. You might have all the spooky vibes ready for your celebrations IRL, but you’ll also want to turn to Snapchat for creepy virtual vibes. There are so many festive options for your virtual avatar and selfies, so you won’t want to miss out on Snapchat’s Halloween 2021 Bitmoji outfits and Lenses.

Snapchat announced its lineup of Halloween Bitmoji outfits and Lenses on Thursday, Oct. 21, and it includes a total of 45 different costumes, T-shirts, and hoodies, plus new augmented reality (AR) Lenses. According to an email from Snapchat to Elite Daily, there are six new Bitmoji outfits, three new shirts and hoodie designs, and eight new official Snapchat Halloween Lenses (not counting the options from Snapchat Lens creators).

Before you start chatting up your BFFs with all the spooky snaps, here’s everything you’ll want to try out this Halloween.

Snapchat’s Halloween 2021 Bitmoji Outfits

To get the Halloween Bitmoji outfits on Snapchat, from the camera screen, tap your Bitmoji profile pic in the top-left corner. Next, select the clothes hanger icon. Finally, scroll down to the Halloween section, choose an outfit you want, and hit the “Save” button in the top-right corner to update your Bitmoji’s outfit.

The Snapchat Bitmoji outfits for Halloween range from cute to creepy, and the six new designs include a fairy, a ballerina, a clown, an angel, a devil, and a witch.

Each costume comes in a few different colors to suit your taste. First, the fairy is available in blue, orange, purple, and pink and features cute fairy wings and a dress that’ll remind you of Tinker Bell.

Next, the ballerina costume comes in pink, white, or black.

If you’re the type to clown around, there are three color combinations to pick from for your clown outfit. You can opt for pink, green, and blue, white, red, and blue, or yellow, red, and blue.

The classic angel outfit comes in two looks, so you can choose between a suave white suit or a white dress. Meanwhile, the devil costume has four looks: a black suit, a black dress, a red suit, or a red dress, each complete with matching wings and horns.

Finally, the witch costume comes in black, green, purple, and red options.

If you prefer a T-shirt or hoodie look, you can choose from the new Jack ‘O Lantern design in orange and black or the black skeleton option.

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Snapchat’s Halloween Lenses

Snapchat has eight official Lenses you can use this Halloween, and some of them include new AR technology.

First up is the “Halloween Kills” Lens, inspired by the Halloween Kills movie. The Lens uses a new technology called Volumetric Video to bring a 3D video of Michael Meyers to wherever you point your camera. When you use the selfie camera, your face will have small cuts and dirt, and flames surround the edges of the screen. When you flip the camera to the rearview, you’ll see a 3D Michael Meyers walk toward you and brandish a knife. Unfortunately, if you live outside the U.S., you won’t find this spooky Lens.

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Next is the Werewolf Lens, which uses human body mesh and body morphing AR technology to transform you into a gray werewolf from head to toe, complete with fiery eyes.

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The Spooky Fashion Lens transforms your outfit using upper garment segmentation tech to make your shirt look like creepy woods. Watch as ghosts soar out from your shirt and swirl around you.

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Another new Lens for Halloween is the Haunted House Lens, which uses world transformation tech to transport you to a virtual haunted house by making you the spooky specter.

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Other new options you’ll want to Snap with include the Spooky Spiders Lens, the Vampire Cat Lens, the Cute Cyclops Lens, and the Butterfly Surprise Lens, which combine creepy looks with glamorous touches.

For example, the Cute Cyclops Lens is a fresh-faced look with sparkles and a giant eyeball that takes up half of your face:

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With so many fun Halloween Bitmoji outfits and Lenses, you’ll want to creep it real and Snap to your heart’s content.

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