Slack Has New Video Feature For Conference Calls

Slack (if you don't know what it is, I envy and despise you) is a workplace chat and messaging service -- one whose tiny red notifications you're probably ignoring right now.

It's one of those pieces of office technology that absolutely make work much easier (because you don't actually have to ever speak any words out loud), but that you also despise because it's what your boss uses to tell you that, no, you can't leave early to go visit your dying pet because you have to talk to a client about, um, Microsoft stocks?

Sorry, I spend all my days writing about Donald Trump being cruel or people having sex in public places and don't have any idea what you do in normal offices.

Anyway, Slack. Yeah. OK, so it has a new video service. Well, new isn't exactly right. It mostly just stole the feature from competitor "HipChat."

Now, you're probably asking yourself why all office chat software names sound like they were dreamed up by a think tank comprising of people who have never spoken to anyone under the age of 29. They might as well call it "WORK-IS-FLEEKchat."

Slack is now offering a video conference feature. Basically, it's Skype, but for work. This would allow people to work more efficiently remotely and generally take a big step forward in reshaping how modern offices look and operate.

So now, if you ask to work from home because you need to sit on a toilet and rid yourself of half-masticated C-rating Pad Thai for six hours, you actually have a good argument for why you'll be still be an effective employee.

(This is presuming everyone in the brainstorm meeting is cool with seeing your face clearly in front of bathroom tile.)

Perhaps, one day, there will come a time when I will never have to commute again.

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