Those Annoying Silica Bags In Your New Purse Are Actually Extremely Useful

You know those little bags you really want to eat because the warning label says specifically, "Do not eat?" Well, it turns out they actually have a purpose.

Silica gel is most commonly found in new merchandise like purses and bags, and alongside your sneakers in the shoebox. Our natural instinct is to give it a caveman-like glare before tossing it over our shoulder, never to see it again.

But here's why you shouldn't: Silica bags have countless uses.


Long story short, manufacturers place the little bags in products to control humidity and avoid spoilage. The gel acts as an absorber.

Here's more of this history lesson: Silica bags were developed as early as the 1600s. The components were used in gas masks during the First World War.

While there's not much use for that in this day and age (we hope), there are still tons of things you can use these bags for.

1. You can use the bags to fix your phone.


You know that bag of rice trick? Well, this is basically that, but on crack. If your phone gets wet, take out the SIM card, place it in a Ziploc bag with silica gel and leave it for a couple of days.

Over time, the balls should have worked their magic and absorbed all the moisture.

2. Silica gel helps you maintain your festive decorations.


If you're a clever goose, you would have thrown in a couple of gel bags with your boxes of Halloween decorations.

For those who didn't, prepare to handle some seriously smelly skeletons on October 31.

3. They keep your photos safe.

Stocksy/Gillian Vann

Do you have pictures of your little ones, but are too scared they're going to ruin them with their sticky fingers? Whack a couple of bags in the scrapbook. That should take care of any spillages those memories will endure.

But let's be real: I know you don't care about those answers. Your main concern is, "What will happen if I eat one?"

The answer? Bad things. The warning sign's on there for a reason, dude.