Sex Doll Actually Scared Away Burglars


Not all heroes wear capes. Some are sex dolls... named Shela Louise.

A group of thieves who broke into a West Sussex, UK art shop were so frightened by a 6-foot sex doll, they left without taking a great deal of the shop's loot. Contrary to popular belief, the burglars were not a murder of crows unused to such a sexy scarecrow.

Shop owner and caricaturist Derrick Thompson believes Shela, who sits on a couch inside the store, spooked the robbers so much they only took roughly $1,200.


Sure, $1,200 is still quite a large sum, but as long as the thieves didn't take the real treasure -- Sheila -- then all was not lost.

An assistant in the store, Paul Smith, said,

Derrick purchased "the stereotypical, perfect girlfriend" so customers could pose next to her. If I ever buy a sex doll, that'll be my exact excuse as well.


Derrick has even created a Facebook account for Shela, whom he calls a mannequin girlfriend rather than a sex doll.


Shela has over 1,500 friends, which is a lot for an inanimate object. Want something to instantly depress you? Think about the fact a sex doll might have more friends than you.

According to Derrick, his girlfriend Nina (a real person) came up with Shela's name. Shela is an Australian term for a woman and Louise was the name of a girl Derrick met in college that apparently bares a resemblance to the sex doll.

I'm not sure how flattering that'd be for the real-life Louise to hear, but seeing as how the sex doll is now a legend, I wouldn't complain if it were me.

Derrick said of the sex doll,

Wow, OK. That's a lot to unpack right there, Derrick.

For now, I'm just going to focus on how Shela is basically the hero 2017 deserves.

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