This Underwater Marriage Proposal Is The Most Adorable Thing Ever (Video)

Lately, the Internet feels hyper-saturated with proposal videos of friends and family who learn elaborately choreographed song-and-dance routines to surprise unsuspecting ladies.

But it's rare for one of these videos to feature someone learning to scuba dive for the purposes of a proposal. On Tuesday, however, YouTube user Markie Beth posted a video of herself doing just that.

The video details Beth’s proposal to her girlfriend, Sarah, on June 13, to the tune of The Zombies’ “This Will Be Our Year.”

In the description, Beth writes,

I spent the month of May secretly taking classes to become SCUBA diving certified, so I could propose to my marine biologist/divemaster girlfriend. She thought she was just going diving with some friends and her brother who happened to be in town, but I showed up under water and surprised her! She didn't know I could dive, OR that I was going to propose!

I wish the two of them a lifetime of happiness, even though they saddled me with a lifetime of unrealistic romantic expectations when it comes to aquatic sports.