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Your Phone Addiction Says A Lot About Your Personality, According To A Study

Our iPhones are becoming like actual family members: They're always there for us, they accept us -- even when we're drunk-ordering Seamless at 3 pm -- and, now, they're helping us better understand who we are.

In a recent study, two researchers from Temple University reportedly asked 91 undergraduate students to share info regarding how often they use their phones for social media, contacting friends and killing time online.

Next, the researchers assessed how well the students were able to delay gratification by seeing whether they would opt for a little cash in the moment or a larger sum down the road, be it a few days or a full year later.

For the third segment of the study, the team asked students how closely they identified with phrases such as, "I'll try anything once," and, "I like wild and uninhibited parties."

The duo then instructed each undergrad to sit at a computer and press a button each time an “X” appeared on the screen but avoid pressing the button when a “K” appeared to gauge the each student's impulsivity.

Based on the study, participants who were deemed more impulsive and impatient were also considered likely to check their phones more frequently than those who mastered delayed gratification.

As for the third portion of the study testing students' sensitivities to rewards, it seemingly had no effect on their device addictions.

Those of us who live by our every whim have a borderline-romantic attachment to our phones, and if we're being totally honest with ourselves, the results of this study should come as no surprise.

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