Restaurant Staff Reveal 7 Worst Things Customers Do And You're Totally Guilty

by Alexandra Strickler

I tend to judge people a lot based on how they interact with servers at a restaurant.

Whenever someone behaves even remotely rude or thoughtless toward a waiter, it's a huge red flag.

At the same time, though, I'm sure I've committed my share of faux-pas when eating out, even though I always mean well.

We can all stand to learn a thing or two about proper etiquette when it comes to eating out.

There's plenty more to add to this list, but for now, here are a few things your waiter or waitress definitely doesn't want you to do while dining at their restaurant, according to findings from MailOnline.

1. Stacking glasses and plates

The intentions behind this one are obviously good, as you're probably just trying to help consolidate the mess on your table after going totally ham on your meal.

However, you probably don't know the correct way to stack them, and it might lead to some broken glass and an angry waiting staff.

If you do choose to stack, go for the plates instead of the glasses, and make sure the bigger plates go on the bottom.

2. Sitting at an uncleared table

As badly as you may want to sit down, it's definitely not a good call to sit at a table that hasn't been cleaned off yet.

Technically, there aren't any bad consequences that would come of this, but a server passing by will feel obligated to stop whatever they are doing just to clean your table, since it doesn't really look good for a customer to be sitting among the mess.

Patience is a virtue — just wait your turn to be seated.

3. Picking your own table

Even though it may feel like you're helping the servers out, chances are you're actually complicating things.

Most restaurants have seating charts to abide by, which helps to equally allocate tables. You're likely throwing off the whole system by helping yourself to a seat.

Again, don't worry, your turn will come!

4. Ignoring the question, "Are you happy with your food?"

I know, I know.

It always feels like the waiter comes by to ask how the food turned out just as you're taking an obnoxiously ginormous bite while there's food running down your face.

Naturally, the last thing you want to do is talk to anyone.

But they're only looking for a quick answer, so at the very least, look at them and give a dorky little thumbs up or something to let them know all is well.

5. Complaining directly to the manager

If something's wrong with your service or your food, it's totally fine to voice your concerns.

But, you'll be saving everyone from an uncomfortable situation if you talk to the waiter first, who will almost definitely hear you out and do whatever he or she can to help.

6. Not mentioning you're splitting the bill

OK, we are all FOR SURE guilty of this one.

If you know when you sit down for your meal you want separate checks, just make it known ASAP.

It's harder on the server to divvy it all up at the end, especially if you and your friends are deep into your third bottle of wine and are having trouble remembering how to do math.

7. When you're being way too chatty

Someone needs to like, tattoo this on my father's forehead or something because he is SO guilty of it.

There's nothing wrong with developing a friendly rapport with your waiter or waitress, but if you take too long to tell some subpar joke or boring story about your day, you're keeping them from serving other people and doing their jobs.

Also, you're probably embarrassing whoever has the displeasure to dine with you (aka me whenever my dad talks to any server).

Happy dining, y'all!

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