Guy Has Perfect Response To Cheating Ex-Wife Trying To Take Dog In Divorce


They say dog is man's best friend.

But it seems like his dog really is this man's first priority...and probably for good reason.

"Wife and I are getting divorced because she cheated on me," the husband wrote, along with the photo he shared on Imgur. "Now, she's trying to take the dog."


"So are you going to give her up willingly or am I going to have to fight for her?" the husband asked.

To this, his wife replied, "you will fight for a dog but you wont fight for us."

Evidently not one to be wrong-footed by such a passive-aggressive comment, the man gives a totally savage and spot-on response:

I will fight for the dog because the dog will stay loyal  no matter what.


Dogs are so much better than people, anyway. They may not be able to satisfy you in the bedroom, but that also means they won't be able to satisfy anyone else.

You can also tell others that your dog bites so they won't stop to stroke it. But you probably wouldn't be able to do that with your wife.

When dogs are being annoying, you can put them back on a leash or in a cage. Again, you probably won't be able to do that with your wife. (Or you could, but then you might be put in jail.)

You can also snuggle with your dog whenever you like. And if it's too smelly or wriggles too much, you can make it go sleep downstairs.

You can also train your dog to do cool stuff, like play dead or round up sheep. And if you're especially pro, you could even train your dog to sniff out drugs.

I bet you've always wished your wife could do that.

Overall, dogs win. Let's hope this guy soon gets reunited with his loyal companion.