Reporter Tries To Kiss Co-Worker On Live TV And Gets Painfully Rejected


Cringe, cringe, cringe AND MORE CRINGE.

This is probably the most painful TV fail you'll see this year.

Meet Tony Jones, an Australian sports journalist and news reporter.

He's sad to see his colleague Rebecca Judd leave the news channel they both work on.

So as a live segment draws to a close, he slides up behind her and slings his arm around her shoulders like he's a newly divorced dad trying it on with some chick he's just met at a nightclub after seven years of never going out.

No, no, no, no, no. So much no. What are you doing, Tony?

Judd's clearly not comfortable with the situation.

Tony's arm is there for an awkwardly long time, but that's not the worst bit. Take a look at what he tries to pull.

Did you see that!? Tony went straight in to plant one on Rebecca's lips!


But on live TV? Stupid.

At least he acknowledged the crippling embarrassment that is his life.

Rebecca responded, like the bae she is.

Wait, there's a baby in Judd's profile picture.


Not cool.

*Shakes head in disappointment*