Reese's Thanksgiving Pie won't restock for 2021, but you can still get your peanut butter-chocolate ...

Reese’s 3-Pound Thanksgiving Pie Sold Out In Hours — Here’s The Deal With A Restock

You may have to settle for 1 pound of peanut butter-chocolate goodness

Courtesy of Reese's

Reese’s made history on Nov. 15 when the chocolate company unveiled its largest peanut butter cup ever — a 3.25-pound cup the size of a pie — just in time for Thanksgiving. A Reese’s Thanksgiving Pie is basically a dream come true, so it’s no surprise the oversized peanut butter cup sold out in mere hours. But now, chocolate lovers who were late to the game are left wondering if they missed out for good. If you’re wondering about a possible Reese’s Thanksgiving Pie restock, here’s what you need to know.

Reese’s announced the release of the now-sold-out Thanksgiving pie on Monday, Nov. 15. The pie, which doubles as a giant peanut butter cup, made headlines for its larger-than-life size: It has a 9-inch diameter and weighs a whopping 3.25 pounds. With a supply of only 3,000 pies available on the Hershey’s website, the show-stopping Turkey Day treat didn’t last very long. In an email to Elite Daily, a Reese’s rep said, “We are astounded that the Reese’s Thanksgiving Pie sold out in under 2 hours.”

Now that the pie is sold out, Thanksgiving attendees on dessert duty are wondering if there will be another chance to score the Reese’s pie before the end of the holiday season. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good, the company rep said, “Currently, we do not have plans to restock this year, but you never know what 2022 will hold for Reese’s.”

Courtesy of Reese's

It’s a hard no on a 2021 Reese’s Thanksgiving Pie restock, but keep your fingers crossed for a 2022 return. Until then, you can enjoy the second-largest Reese’s treats in the world, a two-pack of eight-ounce (aka half-pound) peanut butter cups, for a total of 1 pound of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. You could snap up three of these bad boys and almost reach the same weight as the pie itself.

There are also plenty of Reese’s offerings you can pick up on your holiday treats run, from OG cups to the new Reese’s Peanut Brittle Flavored Cups.

If you plan to get your Reese’s fix in person, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.