Quadruplet Brothers Who All Got Into Harvard And Yale Have Best Genes Ever

by Robert Anthony

Their high school principal says they're "great young men" who model "the epitome of academic focus."

It's hard to argue with that when you learn Ohio-based quadruplet brothers Aaron, Nick, Nigel and Zachary Wade were all accepted to prestigious ivy league schools.

According to the New York Post, the Wade brothers are the talk of the northern Cincinnati suburb of Liberty Township after all four of them were accepted to top-tier universities, including Harvard and Yale.

Lakota East High School principal Suzanna Davis spoke to the Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News about the Wade brothers' incredible feat, saying,

I have had the honor of knowing these boys since they were young because of knowing their mom and dad. I have watched these boys grow up into young men… and as students, they epitomize what we would want from high school students.

While none of the brothers have chosen their schools yet, Aaron is said to be interested in attending Stanford University. His three other brothers are said to have their eyes on Yale.

In other words, they'll each be channeling their inner Ron Burgundy in no time.

Their final choices will really depend on the financial aid offers they receive.

Davis added,

Their individual personalities are what truly set them apart as high school students and as great young men.

So, who do the 18-year-old Wade brothers commend for their accomplishments aside from themselves? Their parents and teachers, of course!

Nick Wade also spoke to reporters, saying,

We're grateful to our parents and the Lakota school district because it's really something we couldn't have done on our own without all the support we have had through our lives. It has been awesome.

Nick's brother Nigel also chimed in to say the valuable educational opportunities they've earned are a reflection of the support system they each have in their lives.

We feel like getting into these schools show who the people around us are.

Hmm, if we're using that thought process, does that mean the rest of us are stupid losers with crappy families?! If so, I'm down to hop into a time machine and put myself up for adoption.

Though, Zachary Wade's take on the academic success he and his brothers have had implies all you need are people behind you supporting your decisions and never demotivating you.

They said 'I know you guys can do it. You guys are hard workers and the sky's the limit.' We were never told that we couldn't get somewhere.

As Khaled would say, that's a major key!

OK, I'll stop being the class clown now.

Aside from scoring acceptance letters from Harvard, Yale and other notable universities, another benefit to the Wade brothers' recent success is they're now closer than ever.

We've all kind of grew closer to each other.

Congratulations to the Wade family and good luck in all four of your futures! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find that time machine I mentioned earlier.

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