Pumpkin Spice Lattes At Starbucks Will Finally Contain Actual Pumpkin

by Gillian Fuller

For years, Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte was a lie: The beloved seasonal drink deceptively contained no pumpkin.

But, that's all changing this year.

The coffee giant made a big announcement today. This year, it's actually adding pumpkin -- real pumpkin -- to the sugary drink beloved by, well, everyone (don't lie to yourselves, you love it).

Peter Dukes, the reported PSL inventor and Starbucks' so-called director of espresso and brewed coffee Americas, wrote in a blog post,

After hearing from customers and partners about the ingredients, we too another look at [the pumpkin spice latte] and why we created it so many years ago. It was simple — espresso, perfectly steamed milk, warm fall spices with delicious flavor of pumpkin pie that reminds you of the cool, crisp days of autumn. So, with that great taste you know and love, the PSL returns this fall, and this time it will be made with real pumpkin and without caramel coloring.

In an industry saturated with artificial flavorings and unnecessary additives, this is actually a pretty big deal. Bustle reports few pumpkin-spiced things actually contain pumpkin; in fact, even pumpkin pie is usually made with squash, not Jack-O-Lanterns.

I, personally, am not quite sure how the texture of pumpkin will translate into drink form, but I am sure the drink's devotees will have lots to say about the new formulation once they're able to get tastes of it.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte generally hits Starbucks sometime in the early fall, so keep your eyes peeled.

The season of spice will soon be upon us.

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