Protesters Create A Memorial For Cecil The Lion Outside Killer's Office

Following the tragic shooting of Cecil, the protected 13-year-old lion who was killed by American dentist Walter Palmer, animal rights activists and outraged citizens turned Palmer's dentist's office into a makeshift memorial for the majestic creature.

Dr. Palmer's office closed earlier this week after the owner was identified as the man responsible for the lion's death, Fox9 News reports.

Since then, thousands came forward to publicly shame the Minnesota resident, who paid more than $50,000 to slaughter, behead and skin the famed feline in a wildlife preserve in Zimbabwe.

And now, people are gathering at the dentist's office to honor and mourn the late lion with stuffed lion toys, signs and placards placed around the office's entrance.

In a statement, Palmer, who is nowhere to be found, maintains his innocence, claims he knew nothing of Cecil's protected status and insists his hunting license was obtained legally.

His partners in the hunt, both residents of Zimbabwe, were arrested for poaching, and authorities are reportedly looking to arrest Palmer, too.

In the meantime, the public is demanding justice and is taking the matter into its own hands.

See for yourself below.

On Tuesday, Palmer, an avid hunter of big game, was identified as the man responsible for Cecil's murder.

Walter Palmer's office becomes memorial to #CecilTheLion after dentist acknowledges killing. — Jim Roberts (@nycjim) July 29, 2015

He shot, beheaded and skinned the beautiful creature for sport.

Memorial in front of dentist office for Cecil the LION! #CecilTheLion #WalterPalmer #Poaching #OpFunKill #iPredator — Suricata (@sxcsoho) July 29, 2015

The public is outraged by his disregard for animal rights.

Office of dentist accused of killing Cecil the Lion becomes makeshift memorial: — Dayton Daily News (@daytondailynews) July 29, 2015

Palmer received thousands of death threats since Tuesday...

A memorial for #CecilTheLion has formed outside #WalterPalmer's office — Mic (@micnews) July 29, 2015

...and his office was turned into a memorial for the beautiful fallen Cecil.

Walter Palmer's office becomes memorial to #CecilTheLion after dentist acknowledges killing. — Jim Roberts (@nycjim) July 29, 2015

People rallied to ensure Cecil's memory lives on...

A small memorial for #Cecil the lion, outside the dental surgery of #WalterPalmer, the lion murderer.. — K.P. Loach. (@RomanGaul) July 28, 2015

...and many want Palmer to be punished for his wrongdoing.

A memorial for Cecil the Lion killed in Africa by a MN dentist is growing at the now closed office in Bloomington. — E Linares (@WCCOEL) July 28, 2015

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