Man Who Slayed Cecil The African Lion Is Reportedly An American Dentist

For many adults working in professional environments, their hobbies give them life.

Some people join intramural sports teams, and others get artistic with friends at BYOB art studios. American dentist Walter Palmer apparently bow hunts protected wildlife.

The Telegraph confirmed it was indeed Dr. Palmer who shot beloved African lion Cecil.

According to Mashable, Palmer left the animal to languish for 40 hours before a professional hunter shot it with a gun.

A tweet by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, which stands to lose a considerable amount of business from Cecil's death, claims Dr. Palmer's hunt was illegal.

#WalterJamesPalmer was the man who killed #CecilTheLion. This was an #illegalhunt. #VisitZimbabwe #263Chat #wildlife #illegalhunting — #VisitZimbabwe (@tourismzimbabwe) July 28, 2015

In a statement, The Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Authority followed up on the accusation, saying,

Ongoing investigations to date, suggest that the killing of the lion was illegal since the land owner was not allocated a lion on his hunting quota for 2015.

Dr. Palmer's alleged illegal hunting trip reads as a major mistake made by a man who is no stranger to hunting big game.

The dentist was featured on the hunting blog Trophy Hunt America and profiled by The New York Times for his efforts with a bow and arrow.

Despite his experience, this is not his first infraction. A WEAU article from 2008 claimed Palmer misrepresented the location of a Wisconsin bear hunt that could have cost him a five-year prison stint.

Activists took to Twitter, Facebook and Yelp to denounce Dr. Palmer.

@BellaLuna227 Dr Walter Palmer. His practice is at River Bluff Dental 952-884-5361 Get the word out and blow his phone up. — Mark (@MarkMizzouSteel) July 28, 2015

Comedian Ricky Gervais was among the dentist's critics.

It's not for food. It's not the shooting, or tin cans would do. It must just be the thrill of killing. Mental. — Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) July 28, 2015

Some resorted to posting parody reviews of Dr. Palmer's dental practice.

The people trolling Walter Palmer's dental practice's Yelp page are the best: — Mike (@MKChiWriting) July 28, 2015

According to tweets by CBS Executive Producer for Radio Charlie Kaye, the part-time hunter since responded to the accusations.

Legally speaking, Dr. Palmer's fate is still uncertain, but it seems the Internet already began sentencing the hunter for his crime.

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