This Pregnant Woman Wants To Have A Dolphin Help Deliver Her Baby

Dolphins don't have opposable thumbs, but that won't stop Dorina Rosin from using one as her midwife.

Rosin and her partner, Maika Suneagle, will be featured on Katie Piper's "Extraordinary Births,” a British TV documentary series, since the host found the couple's alternative approach to childbirth rather intriguing.

In an interview with The Times, Piper recalled,

I found the dolphin people a bit out there but they seemed so happy and the woman was so relaxed…I just thought everybody was wonderful and it was all a bit of an eye-opener.

Rosin and Suneagle, who run a Hawaii-based healing sanctuary, recently uploaded a video to YouTube of them swimming with dolphins.

Rosin's 38-week belly is also apparent.

Whether or not enlisting a dolphin to deliver one's human child is the smartest and safest option surely depends on who you ask.

In 2013, Christie Wilcox wrote an article titled “Dolphin-Assisted Birth — Possibly The Worst Idea, Ever” for Discover, criticizing the very same decision Rosin and Suneagle made for Rosin's delivery.

Wilcox wrote,

No matter how cute they might appear, dolphins are not cuddly companions; they are real, large, ocean predators with a track record for violence — even when it comes to humans.

Perhaps the secret to dolphin midwife success is choosing a dolphin with whom you struck up a solid friendship. Or maybe no dolphin can truly be trusted to manage such a life-or-death scenario.

Regardless of the variables, one of the first sights Rosin and Suneagle's child sees will be the face of a dolphin, and that is an experience to envy.

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