What Each Presidential Candidate's Zodiac Sign Says About Them

by Alexandra Svokos
REUTERS/Javier Galeano

You can listen to their speeches and check their voting records all you want, but we all know you can only truly understand the presidential candidates if you know their astrological impulses.

So, in the name of political research, let's take a look at each presidential candidate's zodiac sign to see what it means about his or her potential presidency.

Hillary Clinton: Scorpio

Hillary is a pretty quintessential Scorpio, and that bodes well for her as a potential president. Scorpios are natural leaders who low-key thirst to be in charge.

But Scorpios are successful because they're adaptable. Hillary has been accused of changing stances to get more votes, and that fits the Scorpio profile. They know what people want to hear and how to act to get the best results.

Along with that, Scorpios can be secretive and good at hiding their feelings. But this might be an advantage for Hillary, who somehow withstood an 11-hour Congressional hearing without tearing her hair out and would be similarly challenged as president.

John Kasich: Taurus

As a fellow Taurus, Kasich's zodiac sign was surprising at first. Tauruses are known for being sensual, and defunding Planned Parenthood is pretty un-sensual.

But then again, Kasich being a Taurus makes perfect sense. We Tauruses are known for being stubborn as all hell, and Kasich's decision to stay in the race for this long, despite his own party asking him to leave, is pretty freaking Taurus.

Should Kasich make it to the presidency, his Taurus ways will ensure he will push very hard to achieve his will -- don't be fooled by his soft voice. This could be helpful if a Democratic Congress stands up against him. A Taurus would never back down to that kind of pressure.

Bernie Sanders: Virgo

Virgos are sweet, thoughtful people, which is good for Bernie. They're the kind of people who will spend serious time analyzing something like, say, democratic socialism before deciding it's something they want to stand behind.

Although some have said Bernie's ideas are too radical to work, Virgos are known for being great problem solvers who can come up with proper solutions.

Virgos pay a lot of attention and have great empathy, so Bernie as president would be looking out for all types of people to see what he can do to make their lives better.

Donald Trump: Gemini

Trump actually embodies the Gemini spirit quite well. Geminis are all over the place, with their minds in a hundred different places at once.

They have a lot of big ideas about things they're totally excited about but quickly get sidetracked once they think up some other genius idea.

Which actually wouldn't be so bad if Trump ends up getting nominated for president. Maybe he'll just run around with all these ridiculous ideas but not have the patience to make any sort of change!

Ted Cruz: Capricorn

Ted Cruz is a Capricorn, who are strong and ambitious, which essentially means that for sure Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer.