You're Fired: Why Donald Trump Has No Business Being In The GOP Race

The Donald — who, in recent years, has been known for his ridiculous antics and outlandish claims, as well as his "hit" (I use the term loosely) reality show, "Celebrity Apprentice" — has decided to run for President of the United States of America.

Let that sentence sink in for a moment.

Donald Trump, whose over-leveraged casinos and hotel properties have caused him to file for corporate bankruptcy not once, but four separate times, may show he is determined to make his properties succeed and overcome obstacles each time, but it also calls into question his business and leadership practices.

While many may argue these were "corporate bankruptcies," that doesn't lessen the blow any less.

The past decade, Trump has made strides to turn his surname into a lifestyle brand, one that can be found at your local Macy's alongside men's ties and other apparel.

He has garnered quite an audience with his yearly edition of "Celebrity Apprentice," which stemmed from his original competition series, "The Apprentice."

The goal was to find the best man or woman who would become his apprentice for a year and run one of his properties.

The only prominent winner of the show is Bill Rancic, who parlayed his success into reality television and product endorsement along with his wife, Giuliana.

"The Apprentice" gave us the terror known as Omarosa, and it also brought us great celebrity fights each week.

Trump is so delusional, he thinks by having celebrities desperate for a paycheck on his show, he revitalizes their careers (as he's made known in the past for "rejuvenating" the career of late and great Joan Rivers).

He masterfully keeps around horrible contestants on the show because they draw in the ratings and advertising dollars, not because they're doing well or have established themselves as team players.

The Donald plays into the fact he is a self-made billionaire, and he flaunts that at every chance he gets. But, what are his qualifications to be the President of the United States of America?

He has toyed with the idea of running for president in the past couple of election cycles, and his announcement to join the 2016 GOP race didn't baffle anyone.

It just made America collectively shake its head (full of hair).

Trump has made it a point to feature his children, Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka on his show.

They aid him in his decisions in the boardroom, and their points are always valid and, often times, more fluent and level-headed than their father's.

Donald has shown America he's into the fireworks, not the nuts and bolts or the basic foundation of things.

This man also spent over a year claiming our current president, Barack Obama, was, in fact, not born in the United States and helped give way to the "Birther Movement."

Instead of Trump using his influence for good, he used his influence to rile up the right wing and get them on board with a preposterous and downright insulting smear campaign.

Donald Trump has been notorious for feuding with many in the media, including Brian Williams, Rosie O'Donnell and even Mark Cuban.

Do we want a President of the United States who is going to focus his time on feuding with media personalities, rather then solving domestic and foreign issues?

He can be so vociferous when it comes to his stances on issues, whether it's gay marriage, tax cuts or foreign affairs, he really can't be trusted.

Furthermore, Trump will turn the White House, a sacred institution to the great nation of the United States of America, into a circus.

He will further harm the international communities' perceptions of America.

Trump is a racist, a sexist and a narcissist. His stupidity can be found not only on the airwaves, but also on his Twitter account.

Donald Trump as the next President of the United States is the scariest thought any American should be having, and he, in fact, should be fired, as he has so famously stated to the D-list celebrities on his show.

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