Mormon Tabernacle Choir Singer Quits Over Trump Inaguration


Jan Chamberlin, a woman in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, which is slated to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration, just quit the choir because she's not comfortable performing for him, The Salt Lake City Tribune reports.

In a Facebook post, Chamberlin wrote,

It's quite clear Chamberlin feels it would be unethical for her to perform on behalf of Trump.

Chamberlin was concerned she'd be endorsing "tyranny and fascism" by singing for Trump.

She said,

She even referred to Trump as "Hitler."

Chamberlin warned "history is repeating itself," and urged people to "read the books we all know on these topics and review the films" in an effort to avoid repeating the crimes of the past,

Trump has struggled to find musical acts willing to perform at his inauguration.

Andrea Bocelli, for example, initially agreed to perform, but backed out after backlash from his fans on social media.

There was also a controversy involving The Rockettes, who reportedly faced termination if they didn't perform at the inauguration. Some of the dancers were apparently not very fond of the idea of performing for Trump.

Eventually, public pressure urged the Madison Square Garden Company, which manages the group, to claim that no dancer is obligated to perform "at a particular event, including the inaugural."

But, according to a recent article from Vanity Fair, some of the dancers are still unsure of their place in dancing organization due to this dispute.

At this point, only The Rockettes, 16-year-old Jackie Evancho and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir have agreed to perform at Trump's inauguration.

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