Disturbing Video Shows Cops High-Fiving After Shooting Unarmed Teen


Shocking and disturbing footage surrounding a fatal police shooting in Chicago was released on Friday.

Paul O'Neal, an unarmed 18-year-old black male, was shot and killed by Chicago police last week after a car he reportedly stole was pursued.

The video footage from police body cameras shows the stolen car strike a police vehicle.

An officer then shot at the car O'Neal was in, firing a number of shots in a residential neighborhood and, at one point, in the direction of another officer.

It's against Chicago's "use of force" policy for police to fire into a car when the vehicle represents the only danger, according to the Chicago Tribune. Moreover, it's against federal guidelines for police to shoot at moving vehicles.

After the shots were fired, O'Neal attempted to flee on foot and was pursued by multiple officers. He was shot in the back, according to ABC News.

However, the fatal shots were not caught on camera. Police claim the body camera might have malfunctioned as O'Neal was shot.

There is footage, however, of police handcuffing O'Neal's lifeless body and cursing at him after he was shot, at one point pushing his head into the ground. One officer also appears to stand on top of O'Neal.

A few moments later two officers exchange a high five.

The head of the Chicago police oversight agency described the videos as "shocking and disturbing," and three officers were relieved of duty, The New York Times reports. However, the investigation is ongoing.

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