People On Twitter Are Seriously Doubting Trump's Speechwriter Exists


The Trump team finally coughed up a speechwriter Wednesday after the public expressed outrage over Melania Trump's plagiarized Republican National Convention speech.

So who can we blame now for one of the biggest speech snafus of all time?

Apparently, the person to blame is Meredith McIver, if Donald Trump's staff is to be believed.

On Twitter, people are not buying this "Meredith McIver" person. Nope, not for one second. Apparently, social media users are very skeptical about the existence of this speechwriter and did not hesitate to share their theories online.

Keep scrolling for some of the most legitimate and hilarious responses to Trump's latest bizarre announcement.

It seems there's something fishy about McIver's background.

Her bio page isn't looking so hot either.

And her Facebook page has to be a joke.

Don't count on seeing her birth certificate any time soon.

Though it seems there are some promising clues...

Now it's all starting to make sense.

There she is!

So beautiful!

At least one thing's for certain -- she's definitely adding new meaning to the term "ghostwriter."

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