A White Woman Held Up A 'Blacks For Trump' Sign Behind Trump, Because Yeah

by John Haltiwanger

A white woman held up a “Blacks For Trump” sign at a rally for the Republican presidential nominee in Florida today, because nothing matters.

Yes, this really happened, and there is photographic evidence.

There's also video.

Meanwhile, Trump said,

I love the signs behind me, 'Blacks for Trump.' I like those signs. 'Blacks for Trump.' You watch. You watch.

We are watching, Donald, and we're very confused.

There was also a guy in a lab coat, because why not?

In an election where Trump has habitually made claims that aren't even close to being true, it feels somewhat fitting a white woman literally held up a "Blacks for Trump" sign.

Yes, it's wrong, but the crazy thing is it's still arguably not the most absurd thing we've seen or heard this election cycle.

For example, Trump called President Obama the "founder of ISIS" (he's not).

He said Hillary Clinton started the birther movement (she didn't).

The real estate mogul even reportedly asked why the US "can't use" its nuclear weapons (because it would lead to global annihilation).

More recently, Trump has argued there is mass voter fraud (not true) while also claiming the election is "rigged" (it isn't) and he's only going to accept the result if he wins (he's probably going to lose).

Along the way, this man has offended essentially every single demographic possible -- and then some (maybe try being a better human being).

So, at this point, seeing a white woman hold up a "Blacks for Trump" sign at one of Trump's rallies is barely shocking, albeit not cool.

Also, this apparently isn't the first time this has happened.

For the record, Donald Trump is extremely unpopular with black voters. At one point, he polled as low as zero with this demographic (meaning basically no black voters like him).

Perhaps this is why the real estate mogul has to enlist white people to hold up "Blacks for Trump" signs at his rallies?

To be clear -- we don't actually know if he asked any white people to hold these signs, but it's difficult not to speculate about the backstory.

There are 14 days until this strange, sad election is finally over.

We're almost there, America.

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