There's A 43 Percent Chance Your Next Tinder Match Thinks Like Trump Does

by Alexandra Svokos

Tinder users are apparently leaning toward Hillary Clinton, but there are still many who agree with Donald Trump.

Many people say they cannot date somebody who disagrees with them politically.

Now, not all couples have to agree with each other on everything. Actually, that'd be really freaking boring in a relationship.

But for some people, there are certain opinions they just can't stand to be around. Amber Rose, for instance, said there's no way she could sleep with someone who supports Trump.

Maybe you're someone who can't date someone who is pro-choice or someone who disagrees with the right to same-sex marriage. Or maybe you just can't stand to be around someone with different ideas on the tax code.

And this year is especially fraught in the cross between politics and the bedroom. I mean, we literally have a presidential nominee who a dozen women have accused of groping. Cool!

Over the last week, Tinder has been polling users around the globe.

The Swipe the Vote poll was done in partnership with Rock the Vote.

The results were released on Tuesday, with Clinton coming up on top.


Fifty-three percent of Tinder users in the United States said they would vote for Clinton, compared to 47 percent for Trump.

But those numbers differ a bit from where their viewpoints stood.

Swipe the Vote let users swipe left or right on a variety of issues. Based on a user's answers there, Tinder "matched" you with a candidate who most aligned with your views.


Fifty-seven percent of American Tinder users agreed with Clinton based on the issues. Forty-three percent agreed more with Trump's views.

But things were definitely different outside the US.


All around the world, a gigantic 80 percent of users matched with Clinton based on the issues. Seventy-three percent said they would vote for her.

Just 20 percent of global Tinder users matched with Trump on the issues and 27 percent said they would vote for him.

And over in India, a ridiculous 96 percent of female voters matched with Clinton. Damn!

Unsurprisingly, things got weird in Russia.

Russia's been a major player in this year's presidential election. Trump has repeatedly been asked about his connections there, especially his praise for Vladimir Putin.

The Obama administration also accused Russia of being behind the hack of the Democratic National Committee's emails.

It's widely believed that Russia aligns more with Trump, and the Tinder poll results showed that.

Based on the issues, 76 percent of users matched with Clinton.

But when they were asked who they would vote for, Russian Tinder users overwhelmingly said Trump — at 71 percent.

The election is on November 8. Get hyped.

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