Trump Is Proud Of Daughter Tiffany 'To A Lesser Extent' Than His Other Kids

by John Haltiwanger

Donald Trump basically just said he loves one of his children less than the rest of them.

Excellent parenting.

In a phone call with "Fox & Friends," Trump expressed pride in his children, well, all of them except one — Tiffany.

The Republican presidential nominee said,

I'm very proud of my children. I mean, I'm just looking at them right now as an example. But I'm very proud 'cause Don and Eric and Ivanka and, you know, to a lesser extent 'cause she just got out of school, out of college, but, Tiffany, who's also been so terrific. I mean, they work so hard.

Damn, that's harsh.

Poor Tiffany.

It's Election Day, and a presidential candidate literally just went out of his way to say he's less proud of one of his children.

Thanksgiving in the Trump household is going to be very awkward.

Is it because she dodged his kiss that one time?

Or maybe she voted for Hillary Clinton and he found out?

Maybe this is why Tiffany got left out of that creepy picture where the rest of the Trump siblings looked like they'd just been sorted into Slytherin.

The real estate mogul has had a rough day.

Trump got booed this morning as he was entering his polling place in New York City (and as he was exiting).

It also kind of looked like he was suspicious his wife, Melania, voted for someone else.

To top it all off, it seems his son Eric might've broken the law by taking a photo of his ballot.


But taking all of this out on Tiffany just seems unfair.

Meanwhile, Clinton seems to be having a good day so far and has an excellent relationship with her daughter.

Happy Election Day, everyone!

We hope you voted. We also hope you have a good relationship with your parents.