Trump Whines About 'Person Of The Year' Title

Donald Trump, the president-elect, has gone from winning the election to becoming Time's "Person of the Year."

But apparently, it isn't enough. Trump believes the title should be "Man of the Year," and that Time only uses the term "Person" to be politically correct.

Like, really, bruh?

And for the record, just to put it out there, "Person of the Year" isn't just for the "good guys." It's for a person who has had the most influence over the world for the year.

Case and point? Hitler was "Person of the Year" in 1938.

Trump spoke in Des Moines, Iowa during his "Thank You" victory tour. He said,

I was lucky enough to receive the Time 'Person of the Year.' They used to call it 'Man of the Year,' but they can't do that anymore, so they call it 'person.' They want to be politically correct. That's OK.

Is Trump's masculinity so fragile that he doesn't even want to be called a "person" because women are also people?

Or is Trump just preying upon his supporters some more by challenging political correctness?

He is correct, though. Time used to call the most influential person "Man of the Year."

It changed to "Person of the Year" in 1999 -- despite women winning the title long before that. Wallis Simpson won in 1936 and was given the title "Woman of the Year."

During a GOP primary debate in August 2015, he told Megyn Kelly,

I don't frankly have the time for total political correctness.

It is quite possible that Trump is biting back at Time for dubbing him the "President of the Divided States." Maybe Trump's upset because the "M" above his head looks a little like devil horns.

Despite Time saying that the devilish "M" was "completely accidental," I assume this was done on purpose so shout out to that photo editor.

Trump addressed the "Divided States" mention and said,

They talked about a divided nation on the cover, then they have to go a little bit into this stuff, a divided nation. I said, 'I haven't been president. What are you saying that for?' But you know what? We're going to bring the nation together.