Trump Blamed The Oscars Snafu On The Fact Everyone Threw Shade At Him

by Hope Schreiber

Damn, Donald.

Are you OK?

You know, not everything is your fault... I know this is hard to believe: a liberal "snowflake" like me saying our president isn't the reason something went horribly, horribly wrong.

I'll be honest. This may be the first time I've seen you accept responsibility for a mistake, but President Donald Trump, you had nothing to do with the blunder at the Oscars.

According to a interview with Breitbart, Trump discussed the infamous gaffe at the Oscars, where "La La Land" was falsely announced as Best Picture instead of the actual winner "Moonlight" after the wrong envelope was initially given to the presenters.

According to Trump, the mistake was a result of all the jokes that made fun of our commander in chief.

He said,

I think they were focused so hard on politics that they didn't get the act together at the end.

Trump continued to say,

It was a little sad. It took away from the glamour of the Oscars. It didn't feel like a very glamorous evening. I've been to the Oscars. There was something very special missing, and then to end that way was sad.

I agree, it was sad such a thing happened -- where people who thought they won actually lost. (Er... Trump did lose the popular vote.)

But what was truly sad was the people who worked on the wonderful film "Moonlight" had to win in such a way.

Following years and years and years of #OscarsSoWhite, it seemed "Moonlight" -- a movie made and starring people of color, and the first LGBTQ+ movie to win Best Picture -- and its win has now been overshadowed a bit by a simple mistake.

But you know, Trump is over here like:

Breitbart writes,

The awful mistake came after hours of Trump-bashing by the Hollywood elites, who hammered the president in joke after joke. Now, the president has got the last laugh as he hammers Hollywood for its epic fail.

Aw, honey. Trump's never going to have the last laugh so long as he continues to give us all material.

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