Everyone's Trolling Trump For Accidentally Leaking His Daughter's 'Voter Fraud'

by Alexandra Svokos

Donald Trump said he wants to investigate people who are registered to vote in two states. He can start by looking right next to him.

Trump has decided the election he won included a mass amount of voter fraud and illegal immigrants, which is both unfounded in reality and a ridiculous claim to make for an election that, again, he won.

Trump is so concerned about undermining the legitimacy of an election he won that he is insisting on holding an investigation into voter fraud. Surely this has nothing to do with his insecurity over losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million to Hillary Clinton.

He tweeted on January 25 about the voter fraud investigation:


Then people realized some funny things related to Trump, specifically referring to people registered to vote in two states. Both his daughter, Tiffany Trump, and his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, are registered to vote in two states.

The Herald-Tribune pointed out Bannon is registered to vote both in Florida and New York. It states,

That means he voted in New York while still registered in Sarasota County, where he did not vote. His voting status in both places remains active, records show.

Meanwhile, Tiffany has a similar problem. HeatStreet discovered the first daughter (of the second wife) is registered to vote both in New York and Pennsylvania.

And, oh boy, did the internet like that little mix-up.


This is not an uncommon problem. Tiffany went to college in Pennsylvania, so it makes sense she'd be registered there.

If you registered to vote in college then moved to another state after graduation and registered again, you're probably also registered in two states. We have a flawed voting system, it's true.

It's only illegal if you actually vote in two states.

Trump's Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the investigation would likely focus on New York and California, both states that Trump lost, but which have historically voted Democrat.

This belief of voter fraud, which, again, is not founded in fact, also does not make sense using, well, common sense. Why would there be a conspiracy to help the Democrats win states they already regularly win? Wouldn't it make more sense for illegal voters to be in, say, Michigan?

This common sense, however, relies on logic, which has not had much use over the past year.

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