The President From 'Scandal' Explains Exactly Why He's Pro-Choice

by Alexandra Svokos

Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant in "Scandal," was at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week.

Goldwyn spoke onstage at the DNC. He also made an appearance at NARAL Pro-Choice America's "Men For Choice" party.

He represented a host committee along with Andrew Rannels, Matt McGorry and Aziz Ansari.

The "Men For Choice" party celebrated men who support women's choice to have (or not have) abortions.

"Scandal" actually was one of the few shows to feature an abortion on television, showing it without judgment or controversy -- just as a thing that happened.

Goldwyn spoke at the "Men For Choice" party and explained why he supports women's choice.

He said that his daughters reinforce his belief in women's right to make their own choices about their reproductive rights.

Goldwyn said he gives his daughters advice, but he "wouldn't dream" of telling them what to do with their own bodies. He said he believes in them enough to trust their own choices.

But, Goldwyn said, it's more than just his daughters. As more women join and remain in the workplace, more families are living on two-person incomes. Goldwyn said,

This is an issue not for men and for families and for communities and our entire countries [so much] as it is for women realizing their own potential and their own success in the world. So we all have to stand up and fight alongside American women to make sure that they have the freedom to control their own futures. Because when we give women control over their own futures -- by giving greater access to contraception, greater access to abortion, giving families paid leave, protecting pregnant women in the workplace -- we're actually building healthier families, we are building a healthier country.

Goldwyn went on to say that he is going to continue to stand for women's choice. He said,

All I can tell you is I'm going to remain proud to stand alongside women in this country in fighting for their right to make their own choices, and a big part of that fight... is to make sure that Donald Trump and Mike Pence get nowhere near the White House.

Trump suggested this spring that women who get abortions should be punished.

His running mate Mike Pence, meanwhile, introduced a number of abortion-restricting laws in Indiana, along with cutting funding for Planned Parenthood.