Tomi Lahren Got Fired For Her Opinion, And Here's Why It's So Hypocritical

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There are a bunch of reasons to hate Tomi Lahren's style of "news" presentation.

For starters, it's just about that: style over substance. And that style really sucks.

It's good for one thing only, which is drawing viewers in by appealing to their anger and most irrational thoughts. But it's terrible for everything else: informing the public, fostering civil debate or discussing topics fairly.

You know... things you'd expect someone doing her job seriously would care about.

And we haven't even gotten to the racism she sold on her way to the top, doing things like comparing the Black Lives Matter movement to the Ku Klux Klan.

So, when the New York Post reported that Lahren would not appear on The Blaze TV anymore – essentially hinting she'd been fired –there weren't exactly tears flowing from these eyes.

No one's here to put on a cape and defend Tomi Lahren, per se. Besides, I'm much more inclined to enjoy all the Twitter jokes about her.

But while we're at it, we can still call out this move for it is: supreme hypocrisy.

Conservatives, to their credit, have usually been the first ones to point out the dangers of people getting fired or shunned for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

The fact alone that lots of people are outraged doesn't mean someone should lose one's job, conservatives usually argue. So, it was strange to see what happened when Tomi Lahren appeared on "The View" and angered many conservatives by declaring herself to be "pro-choice."

It was ironic, of course, to see that of all things, the action that got her in trouble was siding with liberal ideology, as opposed to the actual dangerous talking points she'd peddled in the past.

It was also shocking to see she'd been suspended from her show.

That didn't exactly line up with what we'd been hearing from conservatives about being able to tolerate dissenting opinion. More specifically, the suspension didn't even align with what her boss had to say on similar matters.

When a Milo Yiannopoulos speech drew rioters to UC Berkley, Blaze founder Glenn Beck's official site had this to say:

They don't believe in freedom of speech. They believe in the freedom of speech that they like. The First Amendment is worthless, unless you stand by the speech that you despise. No university in this country is worth their salt, unless they can say, 'Yes, Milo can show up. Milo can speak.'

To be fair, Beck has long been clear about disliking Milo. But he also showed an aversion to people's backlashes against free speech they don't like.

Yet, here Blaze is, seemingly punishing Tomi Lahren for sharing an opinion the company doesn't like.

Lahren didn't attack anyone. She didn't even call out other conservatives, per se.

All she said was she felt it would be hypocritical of her to push for the government to place restrictions on how a woman handles her body, since conservatism is all about small government.

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Now, obviously, conservatives will argue there's no discussion to be had about big or small government when it comes to protecting the unborn. But that's altogether a different discussion.

The bottom line is this: What we have here is a woman who has said plenty of things that are more dangerous and controversial than what she said on "The View."

It just so happens that what she said on "The View" is far from the ideology of her workplace. Still, if there's anyone you'd expect to be able to stomach dissenting opinion, it'd be a conservative network, given how the right champions free speech.

So, while no one will exactly feel sorry for Tomi Lahren, it's still hard to avoid pointing out the obvious: The Blaze's reported decision to let her go is so hypocritical.