Why Ted Cruz Is The Justin Bieber Of Presidential Candidates


Republican Senator Ted Cruz has formally announced he will be running for president in 2016, making him the first official candidate.

Cruz, a hyper-religious conservative and proud member of the Tea Party, is the Justin Bieber of presidential candidates. He's Canadian, annoying, immature and out of touch with reality.

Bieber is an embarrassment for Canadians. Comparatively, Cruz is so antagonistic, he's even disliked by members of his own party.

In truth, Cruz is an American citizen, but he was born in Canada (Calgary, specifically). His father, Rafael Cruz, is a Cuban national who eventually gained American citizenship. Cruz is still eligible to run for president under US law, however, as his mother, Eleanor Darragh, was a US citizen (born in Delaware).

So, sadly, much like Bieber, we're stuck with him.

The fortunate aspect of this is Cruz will provide political journalists and comedians alike with endless material.

Essentially everything Cruz says is at odds with the real world. Quite fittingly, he has already been characterized as the Sarah Palin of the 2016 election.

He says a lot of astronomically idiotic things, and he frequently makes false claims. One might say he exists solely to troll liberals.

He feeds off people's fear, telling his supporters the "world is on fire," which is somewhat ironic given his position on climate change.

Cruz rejects the scientific consensus the world is getting hotter and does not believe humans are contributing to climate change. Despite 2014 being the warmest year in recorded history, Cruz can't get on board with the idea temperatures are rising.

Cruz recently argued climate change is not occurring because there's still snow and ice in New Hampshire. The stupidity of this position cannot be overstated.

Cruz also contended there's been no rise in temperatures in the past 17 years. This is fundamentally incorrect.

Consequently, Jerry Brown, California's governor, has called Cruz unfit to run for office, CNN reports.

In his view, it's irresponsible for any public official to deny the human impact on the environment and climate change.

In addition to neglecting the environment and ignoring science, here's what Cruz hopes to accomplish if he's elected president:

John Lennon called; he wants his song back.

Does Cruz actually have a chance of winning? Only time will tell. At the moment, however, it seems about as likely as Justin Bieber winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

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